Hey Heyy Heyy!!!

I’m Abidemi! Nigerian born, American bred. And this is Grac’d Co! I love food (like I reallllyy love food, it's the 6th love language in my opinion!), adventures, and corny jokes (Why shouldn’t you write with a broken pencil?…because it’s pointless…HA!). Oh! and I love Jesus.

My heart behind this brand is provide you encouragement in your everyday life.

Have you ever spent time with God, and felt at peace and all that good stuff...only to go out into the world, and your boss is annoying you, an unexpected bill comes up, and life is just life-ing?

Yeah, me too. 

In those moments, it can be hard to keep our gaze in Jesus and remember His promises. And so, I hope our products are able serve as that consistent reminder. Whether you’re about to take a sip of water from your water bottle and one of our stickers reminds you that it is well, or you reach into your purse and pull out the affirmation cards to reminder yourself of who you are in Christ or you pick up a book and the bookmark reminds you that, even as seasons change, God is still the same. 

While, these are “bite sized nuggets” if you will, ultimately, I hope it points you back to Jesus, encourages you to dig deeper into the Bible for yourself, to know God, what He’s saying about you, your identity, your life and your circumstances. 

Thanks for stopping by! Stick around a bit!